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Delivering mechanisation for picking, planting and husbandry tasks
Haygrove Harvesting Machinery
Haygrove Harvesting Machinery

Benefits of Rig Harvesting

How do the Harvest Rigs work?

  1. Hugely lift the quality of poor pickers (easily by 50% or more)
    “If we could not use our poor pickers on the rigs we would have to send them home”
    UK Rig Customer operating six Pic-King Harvest Rigs
  2. Manage rig pickers to national minimum wage (all 11 people on the rig should be paid as a team)
  3. Use extended and double shifts (typically 6am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm)
  4. Mechanically motivate the pickers through the crop
  5. Reduce handling of fruit
  6. Less pickers needed overall saving accommodation and welfare costs

The following chart illustrates the real results from groups of hand pickers and rigs pickers on the same farm over one full season. The farmer worked 3 Haygrove Pic-King Rigs during the season.

graph showing benefits of harvest rigs