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Specialist Harvesting Machinery

Delivering mechanisation for picking, planting and husbandry tasks

Harvest Rigs

The Haygrove Machinery System has been the culmination of 10 years worth of Research and Development. The aim has been to develop an integrated system that enables the grower to maximise the productivity from protected tunnelled production. The system incorporates all aspects of accurate field layout, raised bed design and bed formation, mechanisation of non-harvest operations (weeding, planting etc) and mechanised harvesting.

This section of our site introduces you to our range of Pic-King machines. The aim of these machines is to mechanise heavy labour tasks such as planting, carrying, picking and weeding.

Why Choose Haygrove?

  • We have over 10 years of development experience
  • A dedicated R&D investment
  • A dedicated team of design engineers
  • Recipe card and pre-delivery site inspection to enable growers to introduce mechanisation successfully
  • Pre-season rig operator training (2 day course)
  • Daily log charts, maintenance check sheets, benchmarking data
  • In-season workshops