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Specialist Harvesting Machinery

Delivering mechanisation for picking, planting and husbandry tasks

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Frost Buster Machine

The Frost Buster is an award winning machine originally designed for frost protection in top fruit orchards. Haygrove have worked with Frost Buster to re-develop the machine for use in Tunnel production.

The machine is designed to blow warm air into the tunnels to reduce the risk of frost. The frost buster machine travels outside of the tunnels and can blow warm air up to 70m (230’) from the door entrance into the centre of the tunnel. This means that a block of tunnels 140m (460’) long can be serviced with the machine. Trials at Haygrove demonstrate that in well-sealed Haygrove Tunnels, the air temperature can be lifted by 3 to 4 o C with a drive past interval every 30 minutes. On this basis one Frost Buster machine can service a 10ha block of Haygrove Tunnels.

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