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Opportunities for Seasonal Work and Permanent Jobs
the job at Haygrove Seasonal Work
Working at Haygrove is great fun, but also hard work!

The Job

As one of the largest grower of organic soft fruit in the UK Haygrove has many jobs available between March and September to pick strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries & blackberries.

It's Fun!

Haygrove employs energetic people passionate about the soft fruit we produce. You will have the chance to work alongside Haygrove staff learning all there is to learn about harvesting berries. Lots of pickers make friends with the teams they pick with and enjoy working and living close by to each other on the farm through the summer. See what students do outside of work

But Also Very Hard Work

Picking is very hard work and you must be flexible. You will be required to pick target kilograms of berries per hour. The target will depend on the quality of the crop, the weather and time of the season.

There will be very early starts. Depending on what site you work on you may have to get up as early as 4am in the morning. If you choose to work extra at peak harvest you may only get home in the evening.

All the berries grow in different ways. Strawberries grow on the ground, so when you pick these you will be reaching down a lot. With raspberries and cherries you pick upright, and are constantly using your arms to pick from the cherry tree or raspberry cane. You will use lots of energy picking, your muscles and body will get tired so you must be prepared for this.

Your Pay

Your pay will be determined by:

  1. Quality of berries you pick
  2. How much you pick
  3. How long you pick

A bonus is set allowing workers the opportunity to earn extra. Most of work is based on piecework and the minimum rate is the UK Agricultural Minimum Wage which is currently £5.95/hr. You will get holiday pay and will have UK taxes deducted.

Depending on the availability of work (which depends on customer demand, time of season and the weather) you will normally work 6 days a week. You may be able to work some additional time, particularly during the peak harvest period. You will have one day off a week, to be decided by the Harvest Manager.

All seasonal workers must be aware that crops can be delayed by weather conditions. This means you may work less than five days per week. This generally happens for a short period of time and most workers can make this time back as the season gets busier.

You will be paid weekly. The money will be transferred to your UK bank account.