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Mobile Free Range Poultry Housing

Developed through our Haygrove Polytunnel innovations.

Poultry Housing

You don't need to be a vegetarian to be concerned about how our eggs and meat are produced. Through the pioneering work of the Freedom Foods programme ( the UK has been one of the world leaders in production systems that protect the welfare of farm animals. It is of enormous credit to this work that millions of laying and meat chickens now enjoy being free-range and have full access to in-door and outdoor areas enjoy all the messy stuff poultry love doing! We believe in free-range, and since their launch some five years ago, we are delighted that countless ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, pheasants, partridge and chickens now enjoy a better quality of life in a Halo Free-Range Building.

Why Choose Haygrove?

The range of Halo Mobile Buildings are solely designed for the professional free-range producer. The systems use proven Haygrove Tunnel technology – quick to build, highly portable, grower-to-grower innovation and customised to meet specific grower needs. For the larger grower we supply a 12m wide Maxi Ranger building designed to accommodate up to 4000 free-range egg laying birds. The more popular 9m wide Ranger building is more flexible for different flock sizes and is often used for 1000 to 4000 birds. For smaller flocks we would encourage you to evaluate our Mini-Ranger house that would typically accommodate a 500 to 1000 bird flock

For growers rearing game birds, table birds or those with specialist hatcheries, the Halo Mini Discovery or Mini-Ranger is perhaps best suited – these units can accommodate up to 1000 to 1500 chicks

For seasonal production, where producers might be rearing turkeys or geese for the Christmas or Thanksgiving market you might want to consider a Multi-Bay Tunnel that is a very cost effective way of providing free-range housing over say a 6 month rearing period.

If you have any questions about what might be suitable, please contact us